Display Board

Display boards are appropriate for ultimate for any type of presentation or advertising purposes. We manufacture a huge variety of display boards in different specifications, colours and sizes.

Pin Up Notice Boards: These soft boards are covered with fabric framed with powder coated aluminium channels or wooden frame. These are used to put up posters, notices, etc. Available in 10 vibrant colours, we also manufacture glass covered notice boards. The sizes available ranges from 2 X 1 ½' to 4' X 8'.

Grooved Name Boards: Grooved name boards are covered with velvet using Golden Letters and framed with golden aluminium channels. These are used for information purposes.

Combination Boards: These boards are combination of pinup board and writing board like white writing, green chalk board. These are available upto 4' X 8' size.

Fabric Covered Magnetic Boards: These boards are used as welcome or information board using magnetic letters of 2 sizes.